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Player Expectations

  1. Always demonstrate appropriate sportsmanship
  2. Improve self-discipline (stay focused during drills and game situations)
  3. Practice healthy, athletic behaviors (e.g. nutrition and hydration for practice and games)
  4. Strive to come to all practices/ Commit yourself
  5. Work hard to develop your skills, give 100% effort in practice, in games and off the field
  6. Challenge yourself away from practice: work on Fitness, skills, psychological parts of the game
  7. Arrive at least 5 minutes before practice, in uniform, ready to play
  8. Be responsible for your equipment: Communicate problems and needs to parents

Become a student of the game: Watch college lacrosse, read, increase your” lacrosse I.Q”.

Parent Expectations

  1. Support your son’s efforts to become a better player
  2. Understand practices are just as important as games: Ensure player gets to practices on time and ready to play
  3. Communicate concerns, problems and conflicts to the coaches (e.g. early notice of conflicts)
  4. Parents will always conduct themselves in congruence with good sportsmanship towards teamates, opponents, referees and coaches
  5. Fully support the Club in all areas; volunteer your time and talent


Please note: We want to develop not only the Lawrence Lacrosse Club program but also the players into highly competitive lacrosse players. This will help prepare them for High School and beyond. It is essential that players work on their skills at least two days per week outside of practices.