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You are on our Home page when you arrive at Lawrence Lacrosse Club's ("LLC") website.  At the top of the page you see tabs:  Association, Team, etc.  After you click on one of these tabs, the drop down menu appears and shows you the options that are available for each tab.

You will find all the information here regarding LLC's information.  Just click on the section and it will bring you to the information that you are looking for.

This is where you will be able to view the bulletins, schedule, calendar, roster, results, and the multi-schedule feature.  When you click on Team Tab you will select either the House or Travel league.  Then you need to select the team that you wish to see.

The Team Tab gives you a number of ways to look at your team's schedule.  If you click on schedule, it will list each practice and game.  Make sure that you click show non-games to include all practices.  If you would like to view the schedule in a calendar form, then click calendar.  The results section will show the scores of the games played.  The multi-schedule feature allows you to see the schedule for the whole organization, or just one or two teams.  You may pick how many teams you would like to see.

If you lose / find equipment belonging to another member or LLC, please contact the webmaster and the items will be posted under this heading along with contact information.

Here you will be able to edit your contact information.   This tab is on the lower left hand side of our home page.   You will be prompted for your email address the first time that you log in.  The website will send you a password.  When you receive the password, input it and you will come to your information page.  You may edit any personal information that you see.  Please make sure that your phone numbers and email addresses are correct.  If you change any personal information during the year, please update! 

Our website will be notifying you of games and practices via email and text messages.  You have to choose if you would like text messaging, by inputting your cell phone carrier.  You will receive text messages one and a half hours prior to the start of practices and games.  Just remember, you will be charged by your cell phone carrier!

If you would like to enter more than one email address, please put a comma between addresses.